Coca Cola 600

This whole thing was quite an experience for sure.  I am going to be perfectly honest… I am NOT a Nascar fan.  However, Haley, Ryan, and Zachie are and not to mention the hubby who watches every sport known to man.  So when the opportunity presented itself for the hubby to be part of the opening ceremony and the family to be given complimentary tickets, he jumped on it.  Being the “good wife” I said sure, I would go…

The hubby was leading our parade into the track to our seats.  We walked for what seemed like forever into a section that couldn’t POSSIBLY be ours because the tickets said row 50 and this one only went up to like 40.  So hubby asked where our seats were.  Turned out they were at the other end of the track.  Parade turns around.  However, Bradley wasn’t too happy about this so he started fussing… the baby was tired of walking so guess who got to carry him…. thats right, mama.  About 2/3 of the way to the other end (which seemed like MILES) hubby informs me that he has to go because he is going to be late to formation.  Wonderful… 

I lead the group on… baby on my hip, cooler on the other, and by this time, two complaining kids.  We finally find our section… had to ride an elevator up (definitely better than stairs at this point).  They were pretty high up, but turned out to be excellent seats!  We could see the entire track and had a good view of the cars.  

We had two hours til the race started… how the heck I managed to keep the kids busy in the seats without anyone falling down the bleachers, I honestly don’t know.  As you can see in the picture, they are staggered in a way that you can be seated and still see over the person in front of you even if they were standing up.

Anyway, we saw Darius Rucker, watched parachute guys jump in, got to see the Goodyear Blimp, which was a BIG hit with the kids, and got to see the hubby bear one of the American flags for the crowd.  When they went to shoot the big guns, I passed out ear plugs for the kids.  Bradley and Hannah ended up eating theirs (which Bradley regretted later) and amazingly Haley decided she didn’t need any (which is odd since she is sound sensitive).  Ryan was the only one who chose to keep his in.

I will never forget the excitement on the kids’ faces when the race started… absolute pure joy and thrill on all 5 faces.  priceless.  Well, that joy lasted about 10 laps… then Bradley decided he needed more earplugs.  LOL.  It was funny because as loud as it was with the cars zooming by, it was bliss for me, because for once, no matter how loud they yelled, I honestly couldn’t hear anyone’s complaints.  Since I didn’t necessarily respond to those complaints, the kids just went on about life.  Interesting to say the least.  We ended up leaving prior to the race being over, but it certainly was fun.  I might even go back for another race sometime… 😉

the kids (minus the baby) at the Coca Cola 600 Memorial Weekend 2012



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