stress…Stress…. STRESS!

This past few months have been incredibly stressful… Hubby had foot surgery that required him be off work for 60 days.  That first few weeks was pure hell on him (and me as well because I inherited a 40 year old child) and I am thankful to say that, for the most part, he is doing well.  I think the pain he is feeling is considerably less than prior to surgery so I assume that is a plus.  Today was his first day back to work and I have to say I miss him lots.

Home schooling the kids is A LOT OF WORK, but so rewarding – it certainly gives me purpose aside from cleaning toilets, folding clothes, and preparing meals.  Today was one of our more difficult days with that though – I think the ‘newness’ of learning at home is wearing off and Bradley met me with some resistence today.  However, I gave him two choices – either finish his writing or go sit in his room until he was ready to finish his writing.  When presented that way, he picked up the pencil and that was the end of that whole drama.  He knows mama don’t play games… if I say, I mean we are going to do.

The campaign for cameras is going well.  I haven’t been contacted by a news agency yet, but I am not giving up hope.  I have some amazing people standing beside and behind me.  Change will come… I have faith.  Thank you all!  I can’t say it enough!

I think the kids have ganged up on me today too… Haley and Bradley are taking turns not toileting (oh joy) and Ryan and Hannah are being ornery… then there is Zach who just knows he is cute no matter what.  He, very appropriately, went into the kitchen, grabbed a cookie off the tray and sat down next to me right before dinner time and started eating it.  I wasn’t really sure what to say – at least he followed the ‘food at the table’ rule, but cookies 10min before dinner… really?  He currently has spaghetti o’s hanging off his chin and pizza sauce on his forehead.  Looks like he is in line for bath #2 after he gets done eating.  That is if he EVER gets done eating… the rest of us finished up and went on with our lives.  Zach is grazing tonight and I finally just moved the laptop to the table with me (which is not what we typically do because dinner time is FAMILY TIME but geez….)

As for me, I am going to get these kiddos in bed and run myself a nice hot bubble bath…  lock the doors and let daddy manage the whole 10000 needs at bedtime drama.  It is the endless drink/pee/drink/pee cycle among boo boo after boo boo because my kids are wierdos and sit and pick scabs to make themselves bleed in order to come out to tell me that they need a band-aid.  I think that we use more band-aids at bedtime than any other peroid of our day.  Interesting, considering they are supposed to be laying down sleeping…  Lets just say in this house, I totally get why that book got published….   ~Daisy


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